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  • People should know basically information about tires before selecting the suitable snow chains
  • Posted:02-23-15

    Some car owners do not have the ability to identify the significance of the tire on their car. In that case, most of those car owners do not know how to choose the suitable snow chains. Now, the famous Auto Snow Sock supplier dx-snowchains.com will introduce with each car owner the meaning of those identified signs such as P, 225/65, R, 16, 89 and H.

    P refers to the passenger car tire which could help to distinguish the truck or other vehicle tires.

    225 refer to the width of the tire section which also refers to the width between the two sidewalls. This width is different with the tire rim width. As we all know, the broad rim will be matched with wide tires and then the narrow rim will be cooperated with narrow tires. Generally, the number which marked on the sidewall of the tire is the width that the tire mounts with the rim.

     65 is the aspect ratio of the tire which is the clearly expression about the proportion between the tire width and tire high. Here, the tire height accounted for 65% of tire width. The smaller the value, the more significant of the flat is.

     R refers to the structure of the tire, showing the tire is the radial structure. That is to say its ply is radially arranging into the inter body of the tire.

     B sign indicates that the tire is the bias construction. As the introduction of famous Auto Snow Sock supplier dx-snowchains.com, the car tires which have bias current structure is no longer exists.

    16 represent the rim diameter which will be measured by the unit inches. This number stands for that the tires must match the rim which diameter is 16 inches or it can not be installed.

     89 indicate the loading index. This number tells people that this tire’s maximum loading value is 580 kg. Different load index represents different maximum load value.

     H represents the speed level. The alphabet H tells people that the limited high speed for this tire is 210 km per hour. Different letters indicate different speed levels.