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    • Posted: 02-23-15

      Some car owners do not have the ability to identify the significance of the tire on their car. In that case, most of those car owners do not know how to choose the suitable snow chains. Now, the famous Auto Snow Sock supplier dx-snowchains.com will introduce with each car owner the meaning of those identified…

    • Posted: 02-10-15

      Today, the famous Auto Snow Sock online seller dx-snowchains.com will introduce with people several kinds of snow chains. Now, please see the following information. Steel snow chain This kind of snow chain has very widely application areas. At the same time, it is also the traditional Auto Snow Sock for daily using car or truck…

    • Posted: 01-23-15

      Miss Fu drives her favorite new car during everyday. Compared to those old drivers, the slipping rod surface during the winter season let new drive Miss Fu become so busy and confused. Miss Fu said that driving on this road just like play drifting. She heard about that her colleagues already install Auto Snow Sock…

    • Posted: 01-17-15

      Snow chains are generally made ​​by the high reliable steel chain and the rubber components, which has very good performance for non-slip. According to the different structure, the Snow Chains from China can also be divided into two types. One is the hood-like snow chains and the other is the cross installed snow chains which…

    • Posted: 01-10-15

      The famous auto snow sock manufacturer and supplier Pujiang Dingxin Electrical will introduce with people detailed steps about how to better install the snow chain during the winter season. First, people should make sure whether their car is the front wheel driving or rear wheel driving as the Snow Chains must be hooked onto the…

    • Posted: 11-07-14

      We know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but in reality first impressions do influence the way we initially perceive someone. Want an instant snapshot about a person you’ve just met? Look no further; we’ve developed a personality guide based on the one item that almost everyone has with them at all times…